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  • On October 21st, the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) will be having its 2015 conference featuring a few sessions dedicated to evaluation. For more info & to register:

    Here are the evaluation session descriptions:
    Creating a Plan for Sector-Driven Evidence and Evaluation
    As a sector, we know that evidence can help make our work better. We know that nonprofits need to engage many stakeholders, including funders, to create a plan for evaluation that meets everyone’s needs. Too often though, we end up in “reactive” mode. In this session, we’ll share ONN’s work on a sector-driven evaluation strategy. How can nonprofits learn with, and be accountable to, our communities and funders? How can we reduce the administrative burden related to evaluation so nonprofits can focus more on their missions? We’ll share ideas we’re using to develop the strategy, and are looking for your feedback as we shape a sector-driven approach in the coming year, to make sure it responds to the realities of sub-sectors and regions throughout Ontario.

    Evidence for Everyone: Ways to Make Evaluation Work For Your Nonprofit
    Collecting evidence and understanding the work of our nonprofits better can have big implications for everyday work. When staff and volunteers already have full plates, how can nonprofits integrate data collection as a natural part of an organization’s work, or make time to think about evidence and impact in regular meetings? This is about changing the way we approach our activities. Hear from creative nonprofit umbrella groups that have made practical changes in the way they collect and use evidence. Whether you’re a big or small organization, get a sense of how to use data to inform your evaluation, create a learning culture to help use it and work with other organizations to get the evidence you need to drive your work forward. Meet and share ideas with others working on this sector challenge.

    Ben L
    Evaluation Program Associate
    Ontario Nonprofit Network

  • Ben, those sound like amazing events. I really like that they are geared to both large AND small nonprofits. We little guys really need the support. Thanks.
    We are huge fans of the work on the ONN! :)

  • The initiative mentioned below was very recently brought to my attention by Geetha Van Den Daele. An exceptionally professional evaluator, AphaPlus hired Geetha to conduct a services evaluation last year. The Literacy sector might be interest in contributing or following developments.
    :japanese_goblin: Alan

    Hi Alan,

    I am supporting, what I personally think, is a really exciting initiative that views evaluation at its best when it is viewed and positioned as strategic learning. Too much exciting stuff to share in one email, if you are interested in learning more we can schedule a time to chat (or you can learn more here: In the meantime, there is a self-reflection survey being shared across the non-profit sector to better understand current evaluation capacity, practice, and use and where organizations are in terms of fostering a culture of learning and innovation. I have shared below the reasons why it may be of interest for you to participate and would love if you did participate. Grab a tea/coffee/drink of preference and, when you have a chance, you can check out and complete the survey here: There are no right or wrong answers and if you don't know an answer that is okay too!

    Why should I participate?
    Use the questions and your responses as a starting point to reflect on your current evaluation practice and culture. And you can choose to have your responses emailed to you after you are finished! The self-reflection will provide you with an overview of:
    • Your organization's evaluation practices and culture
    • How evaluation is being used within your organization
    • Who in your organization is engaging in the evaluation process
    How will this information help the non-profit sector?
    Understanding current practice, use, and attitudes toward evaluation will help pave the road for strengthening evaluation capacity in the future. It will help us understand how to best support organizations to foster a culture of learning and innovation, which in turn will lead to greater impact in our communities.

    We'll create an overall snapshot of current evaluation practice and use in the nonprofit sector in Ontario. The snapshot will help explore the following:
    • What are Ontario's non-profit current evaluation practices?
    • Who in organizations are engaging in evaluations?
    • How is evaluation being used within the non-profit sector?
    If you have any questions, let me know or you can contact Julia at for more information.

    Thank you!

    Geetha Van Den Daele
    Community Research Consultant
    t. 647.400.3935
    f. 647.436.4451

  • @acherwinski Thanks for bringing this to our attention Alan. So many great learning and sharing opportunities!

  • @Ben.L I'm coming down to Toronto for your conference and the sessions look fantastic. What a great opportunity for non-profits to get together and explore evaluation.

  • Look forward to seeing you there @Jette-Cosburn and we appreciate the kind words @Joanne-K.

    Ben L
    Evaluation Program Associate
    Ontario Nonprofit Network

  • In addition to the Developing a Culture of Evaluation, the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade also funded a number of other projects to explore evaluation.

    Whenever possible, we will share news of training events and opportunities from these projects as well.

    So here is the first one:

    Non-Profit Leaders: Join an EvalU Boot Camp and Foster a Culture of Learning and Innovation

    Capacity Canada wants to help your nonprofit be more courageous, adaptive, and impactful by harnessing the power of strategic learning. Leading evaluation experts and coaches will facilitate this hands-on boot camp to empower you to tackle some of your toughest and most complex social and organizational challenges.

    Sign up for a Boot Camp near you!

    Cambridge EvalU Boot Camp: Creating Cultures of Learning and Innovation
    November 24th and 25th, 2015 at the Cambridge Mill

    Kingston EvalU Boot Camp: Creating Cultures of Learning and Innovation
    January 26th and 27th, 2015 at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre

    For more information go to: or contact Julia Coburn, Evaluation Coordinator at

  • Our first online clinic titled, "A Culture of Evaluation" is set for Wednesday November 4, 2015. Join this important 1-hour conversation to:

    • Discover ways to manage and explore what a "Culture of Evaluation" might look like within your team
    • Discuss the evaluation roles people could play at all various levels within your organization
    • Learn from others about their experiences

    Please see the attached flyer for registration information. We hope you can join us!

    A Culture of Evaluation Free Online Clinic Invitation (3).pdf

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