About your conversation connectors

  • Anne Marie Curtin is the Community Coordinator on the “Developing a Culture of Evaluation” project. She has been involved in numerous non-profit organizations as an employee, as a volunteer and as a Board member. Anne Marie has worked with Literacy Link South Central since 1998 and is currently their Director of Community Relations.
    Please contact Anne Marie with questions or comments about the “Developing a Culture of Evaluation” project or this discussion board. amcurtin@bellnet.ca

    Tamara Kaattari is the Executive Director of Literacy Link South Central. In her spare time, she is very interested in evaluation, having conducted many project evaluations for other organizations in the field of adult literacy. Most recently, Tamara took a six-month course on evaluation at Wilfred Laurier University. She will be “lurking” on the discussion board, posing questions, initiating conversations and perhaps even responding to a few questions!

    Jette Cosburn is the Co-Executive Director of Community Literacy of Ontario and is the Manager of the Developing a Culture of Evaluation project. Jette has been working on behalf of non-profit community based literacy agencies since 1998 and has a strong understanding of the capacity issues that they face. Rather than evaluation that is strictly funder-driven, Jette would like to see evaluation that is driven by the needs of non-profits and the needs of the good people who make these organizations work.

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